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REVIEW: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike @ Playhouse – 1/20/12

Last Friday, Raw Goodage was invited to see Belgian sensations Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike play their first ever Hollywood set at Playhouse Hollywood. We also had a chance to interview the boys before the show. Playhouse has established itself as one of the main EDM destinations in California, in direct competition with Avalon Hollywood, which sits two streets over. Rated the #4 nightclub in the world by Reuters, Playhouse serves up world class talent with a hint of Vegas like class. Their website promises, “For those of you who prefer revelry spiked with risk, the Playhouse Family is here for you every weekend, serving it up on a silver spoon.” On Friday they lived up to their reputation, with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s high energy set keeping the club dancing in a frenzy well into the night. Check out the rest of our review after the jump!

Playhouse definitely sets themselves apart from other Hollywood EDM venues with their elegant furnishings and atmosphere. The whole room is done up with the quality decor and lighting necessary to keep the club feeling classy enough to justify the Vegas style dancers. The venue consists of a pit like dance floor, flanked by table seating on the sides and a bar area in the back. The dance floor is sunken enough to create a balcony-like viewing experience for the rest of the club. In the back is the sole bar, placed in the middle of the room to break up the crowd and maximize counter space. This creates a more intimate environment as an alternative to staying on the dance floor. We feel dividing up the people who wanted to dance and people who wanted to post up at the bar created a successful dynamic that promoted 100% participation on the dance floor. Another policy we noticed to promote dancing was management removing all VIP tables from the dance floor around one in the morning. Playhouse knows that all the kids ask for is world class talent and enough space to dance, and they make providing the right environment look easy.

One of the best indicators of how a crowd is going to respond to an artist is how many girls start screaming in anticipation the second the opening DJ stops his decks. Hollywood was ready for Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and they came prepared for us. Along with the full gamut of Size Matters anthems, they played remixes of dozens of popular house tracks like “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce and “Clap Your Hands [If You’re Working Too Hard]” by the Ting Tings.  They also played tracks specifically selected for Los Angeles, including Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode.” Like Mike has promised in interviews before that he tries to put music into every set that his audience has never heard before, and that was certainly true for us on Friday. The Duo were DJs for years before they started producing, and they seemed to have their fingers on the crowd’s pulse the whole night. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s high energy set kept the club in a dancing frenzy until well after three in the morning. Those who saw their set at Escape From Wonderland know that this duo will surely be a ‘House’ hold name for years to come.

Click here for our pre-party interview, along with more of our pictures from the night’s revelries.

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