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Nicky Romero – Se7en (Original Club Mix)

There is no stopping Nicky Romero. Ever since he burst onto the scene with his remix of “Flash” that became the go-to festival song for months, he has been on an absolute tear. He has shown a degree of range that is generally reserved for those headed to DJ superstardom, which no doubt will include Nicky if it does not already. He has shown us his softer side in “Solar” or in “Fuck School” (with Avicii), his poppier side in his recent collaboration with David Guetta in “Wild One Two,” and of course RG’s favorite side, the one in which he leaves nothing but wrecked ravers and blown minds in his wake of destruction in tracks such as “Toulouse” and most recently, “Se7en.” With such incredible production, Nicky gives us a masterful buildup that is bound to get you excited for his bass-ful kick. Add this track to your playlist that’s getting you in the mood for Ultra, since we’re sure to hear it many times there and at the rest of the upcoming festivals.

Nicky Romero – Se7en (Original Club Mix)


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Andrew March 13, 2012 Music

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