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Exclusive Interview: DallasK

The ever-expanding pool of up and coming producers can make it hard to distinguish quality from hype, but when you hear something truly special, it makes it that much more exciting. Hailing from Orlando, Dallas Koehlke, better known as DallasK, has been on a non-stop tidal wave to popularity with his impressive electro house originals and remixes. At just 20 years old, this young producer has already shared the stage with names like Steve Aoki, Wolfgang Gartner, and Nero. We have been excited about his music since we first heard it, especially with his remix of Nero’s “Guilt.” After watching him tear Avalon Hollywood apart earlier this year, we didn’t need any more convincing. There are no doubts about this dude’s talent and we want to wish him continued success in the future. See what questions we asked him after the jump!

Raw Goodage | Electronic Music Blog – Exclusive Interview w/ DallasK

RG: First of all, thanks for speaking with us. Our readers admire your tunes as much as we do!
DK: Thanks!

RG: We read that you started producing at 15 years old. How did you decide that you wanted to give it a go?
DK: Well I was in Michigan visiting my cousins, and one of them was messing around with Fruity Loops, it looked really cool and at the time I was in bands so I figured why not try it out.

RG: Did you play any instruments while you were growing up?
DK: Haha, unfortunately I played the Saxophone when I was in middle school, I also played the guitar all through out high school.

RG: Are there any other genres of music that have influenced your signature electro sound? When did you first listen to electronic music?
DK: Well I’ve gone through phases where I’ve been into basically every genre of music. If you listen to some of my older tracks you can here samples from 90’s hip hop, but I’m influenced by everything I hear on a daily basis!

RG: Having already signed to labels like Burn The Fire and Bazooka, are there any planned future releases that you are excited for?
DK: My remix for Spencer and Hill’s latest single “One Touch Away” comes out on the 23rd of September and it’s been getting great feedback so far! I also just did a remix for LMFAO’s new single “Sexy and I Know It” that’s out now and I’m really happy with.

RG: Which artists would you most want to collaborate with?
DK: I’d really like to collaborate with Laidback Luke and Cazzette. Also R3hab, Tommy Trash, and Hook N Sling are killing the game right now so I’d love to work with them as well.

RG: After you recently played CONTROL at the Avalon Hollywood with Kids At The Bar and LAZRTAG, how has your outlook on the West Coast EDM scene changed?
DK: It was a really eye opening experience, the West Coast scene is completely different from Orlando. I just couldn’t believe I was actually playing Control after hearing so much about it and seeing the videos.

RG: Where did you learn most of your production techniques and knowledge? What helped you excel the most?
DK: I really just learned through trial and error. I never really had a mentor or teacher, but listening to other producers and evaluating what they did helped me a lot.

RG: When starting a remix or an original, what is usually your first step to take?
DK: Well, usually I’ll try to write a melody. Then, I’ll go and sequence the drums I’m going to use. From there, I’ll get my intro, build, then write a drop. After, I’ll make a bigger second build, crazier second drop, outro drums and that’s it haha…in the most basic way.

RG: Finally, tell us a little bit about your live setup.
DK: I use Pioneer CDJ’s and Pioneer’s DJM 800 Mixer, haha. Pretty plain I know, but I love CDJs.

RG: Thanks again for speaking with us and we look forward to hanging soon!
DK: Thanks guys!

Check out some of DallasK’s tracks below. Make sure you ‘LIKE’ him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It (DallasK Remix) by DallasK

Front/Back (Original Mix) PREVIEW OUT NOW on Burn The Fire by DallasK

Chris Brown – Beautiful People (DallasK & Halatrax Remix) by DallasK

Damian Marley & Nas- As We Enter (DallasK Remix) by DallasK

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