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Exclusive Interview: Tommy Noble

The term new age electro brings two words to mind: Tommy Noble. The young Santa Barbara based duo have been hard at work, producing and touring around the country since their spontaneous emersion into the scene last year. After hearing their debut EP The Engineer on Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings, it was clear that these guys had something very special. With every new production, they continue to impress and gratify their loyal fans, as well as other DJs around the globe. Check out our interview after the jump and see what they had to say!

Raw Goodage | Electronic Music Blog – Exclusive Interview w/ Tommy Noble

Thanks for chatting with us dudes! Getting straight into it, what are your names and how old are you both?

Alex Quirk -19, Trevor Welch -23

How has living in Santa Barbara affecting your tastes in EDM? What’s the scene like out there when compared to LA or OC?

Based off the shows we’ve played and the friends we’ve made in both places, it seems like EDM has taken a faster hold in the LA area. I guess it’s kinda like clubs vs. “raves” or shows in LA and Santa Barbara, respectively. Central Coast scene is growing fast though, just like it is all over the world!

We understand that you are both finishing up studying music at Westmont. How has it been managing time to be active with producing as well as keeping up with classes?

Insane! Alex is also double majoring in Engineering Physics. Fall semester was crazy but both of us have lightened our work and school loads so that we can concentrate more on Tommy Noble from now on.

Your first EP on Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings made a huge impact on the Electro scene. What did you guys think to yourselves after the record was so well received?

Something like “holy toledo we are in it now.” Making music went from a hobby to a job and career opportunity. Went from two guys making music in a studio the basement of our dorm to contenders in the electro scene in the blink of an eye.

You’ve already shared the stage with plenty of top artists, but which show has been your absolute favorite thus far in your careers?

The shows with Steve Aoki in Fresno and San Luis were awesome, both onstage and backstage. Our show at the Avalon was pretty eye opening and mind blowing. Our shows with Peacetreaty have been insane as well. I think it comes down to the type of people that the different artists draw; the crowd is what makes it fun.

We’ve already heard you guys mention that you love using Sylenth and Massive, two of the best VSTs (in our opinion) on the market. Are you guys all software, or are there a few key pieces of hardware that you simply can’t be without?

We do a good bit of sampling for synth layers and percussion and such, so we have a small avalanche of 80s drum machines, keyboards, synths and effect racks that are really cool for the creative process. In this genre you can basically do everything with just your computer, but being able to reach for something “analog” or outboard can be a great spark in producing.

You’ve mentioned wanting to collaborate with Rob Swire. What do you think about his newest project (Knife Party), who have gained immense popularity in the last few months?

The production quality is insane obviously, and the tracks flow really well and carry a lot of energy. Pretty awesome!

When you’re in the studio, do both of you have specific roles to take on? Is one of you better at coming up with chords while the other is better at programming it all, or do you share all the tasks?

We share production pretty equally in the studio, and try to teach each other everything as we go to put the best of our skills together and keep things flowing musically.

Do you have any upcoming releases scheduled that you can tell us about?

We have an Original track coming out early next month that will be a Beatport-exclusive original…We’re very excited about it. Will make sure you guys are the first to know about it!!!

Finally, we always like to ask what your ideal alcoholic beverage would be to start the night.

AQ: I  would never defy the trust of the venue by consuming alcohol during a show…Also any Vodka.
TW: Whatever our MGMT team picks up for me (not *us*, as the Tommy Noble does not condone underage alcohol use)…I love whiskey though.

Thanks again for speaking with us! Hope to see you guys again soon.

Thanks so much for chatting!

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